We need to begin by defining what a hobby is. I believe there can be conflicting definitions of "a hobby" which impact on whether one describes the activities that an INFJ enjoys as a hobby or not.

Sometimes when people talk to me about my hobbies I think I don't have any. I am never short of things to do though, and will not be found lounging around doing nothing.

What do I do? And is what I do a hobby or not? Maybe I have more hobbies than I realise or maybe I don't have many at all.

What is an INFJ Hobby?

Is a hobby simply an activity that I spend my time being involved in when I am not at work or is there more to it than that?

In order to be classified as a hobby do I need to have a certain degree of dedication to it? Do I need to commit a set amount of time to it?

Do I need to acquire a result at the end of the activity, so I can say I have achieved something? Does that make it classified as a hobby?


If I sit watching butterflies land on the flowers in my garden, and enjoy doing it, is that a hobby? I ask because it is a typical activity for me and I'd do this rather than play sport or collect cars, for example.

But when people ask me, "What did you do on the weekend?", and I say, "I watched butterflies land on my flowers " it sounds odd to others.

But then, I am an INFJ!

The difference between hobbies for Introverts and Extraverts.

I can't imagine any Extravert would say "Watching butterflies land on my flowers" is a hobby! I could add daydreaming to my hobby list but they wouldn't! There are some important differences between the hobby characteristics of Introverts and Extraverts.

I know many Extraverts and have them amongst my friendship group. Three of my very closest friends are Extraverts. What I notice about them is how much they do and how much they are involved in. Even thinking about it makes me weary.

They have done this, attended that, been here, joined in there, studied this - they appear to have a frenetic level of activity. They move from one type of social activity or hobby to another. One night they are at the theatre, then the next they attend a concert, then an art exhibition, then a pottery class, then they've gone to yoga, held a huge family dinner, and all while planning a hiking trip to China.


I may not be typical of all INFJs but I like to be alone. Is that a hobby? I'm an INFJ. What do I do when I am alone? To an outsider not much at all, in fact possibly nothing.

To me I have accomplished much. I have found peace. I have felt content. I have communed with nature. I have imagined three different ways to write an opening chapter in a book. I have analysed the way the full moon crosses the sky at night. I have felt sorry for the plight of refugees who are facing a harsh winter in Syria.

Is this a hobby? I suspect not - yet I do a lot of it. Maybe it can be classified as an INFJ hobby.

An Introvert may have few hobbies.

Introverts typically have fewer hobbies than Extraverts. That is a relief to know.

Furthermore, an Introvert is more likely to be involved in one or two hobbies in greater depth than the grazing style of the Extravert. Ah! That makes sense to this INFJ.


Given that we are Introverts maybe INFJs only have one or two hobbies. Do I? Conceivably. I do devote myself to my garden, I am a gardener - of sorts. I do many other "things" too but are they hobbies or not? Or are they just activities peculiar to an INFJ, as INFJs are a unique type of Introvert.

There is much to contemplate on this topic. And does it matter what conclusion I reach? Well, yes, because I repeatedly get asked the questions "What do you like to do in your spare time?", or "What interests do you have?", or "What did you do on the weekend?"

What am I going to say? "Watching butterflies on my flowers" doesn't do it for people. Maybe I need to take up piano playing, poetry or painting?

Planet INFJ: The Book

How can INFJs choose the hobbies best suited to our type?

"Planet INFJ" will further clarify the many activities and hobbies that an INFJ may have and which may enrich our lives.

  1. "Planet INFJ" will help INFJs find hobbies that are ideally suited to their INFJ personality type. The whole of chapter 12, entitled "INFJs and their hobbies - you enjoy doing what!?" is devoted to the topic. Our hobbies balance our lives, relax us and help us cope with daily stress, unless we choose the wrong ones. Do your hobbies fit you or are they just a habit? Would other ones give you additional energy and joy? You'll find plenty more about INFJ hobbies in "Planet INFJ" - come play with us!
  2. Would you like to read of real life INFJs and their hobbies? In "Planet INFJ" a selection of INFJ Insight writers have written about how they spend their time. Kylie, explains how her love of dogs led her to care for guide-dog puppies, as a hobby. Amy talks about how she's learnt to get the solitude she needs, and I describe my love of being in nature and eating chocolate. (Is that an INFJ hobby?) These and all the inspirational stories in the book provide abundant ideas for how INFJs can fruitfully spend their time and live well-balanced and satisfying lives.
  3. I wish I'd known all this information when I was younger. My family were into stamp collecting so I became a stamp collector too. It did not complement my INFJ personality. Thankfully, I swapped hobbies and now I am deeply content.


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