INFJs can make excellent leaders when they understand what it means to be a leader and they apply their strengths for the benefit of the organisation or group, and for the people they lead.

The idea that INFJs are all quiet, withdrawn from society, and not wanting to talk to people, is untrue. Some may be like that, the more skilled and well developed INFJs aren't. They are out in the workforce making a difference.

There are famous and successful leaders who are said to be INFJs. We can take our inspiration from them so that we can have career ambitions to be one. To hold ourselves back from leading people is to deny the strengths we may have as INFJs and to diminish our career potential.

Why do people underestimate the leadership skills of Introverts and INFJs?

There is a common misconception that Introverts, of any type, don't make good leaders. This is a flawed concept. It makes no sense to say that around 50% of the population have no leadership capability at all. What, only Extraverts can lead? This is a dangerous belief.

Why would people think that Introverts would not make good leaders? I presume it is because they misunderstand what it takes to be a leader. Part of being a leader is to motivate others, is this not what INFJs may excel at?

Being a leader is not about being loud, charismatic and telling people what to do, as may be more typical of some successful leaders who are Extraverts.


Leadership is about inspiring and leading people, about innovation and strategic purpose and strategic direction.

INFJs can be in touch with people, they can be good listeners and they may allow people autonomy to be innovative and creative.

There is far more to it than that. INFJs are future thinking, big picture analysts and this can be an enormous attribute in a leadership position.

What does an INFJ leader do?

I have recently been the leader of a community group. It was a small group at the beginning with a membership of about 60 people. However, we didn't know an exact number because no one had developed a system to measure precisely our membership tally.

Within 2.5 years I had inspired the club to increase its membership to around 150. Yes, the club had more than doubled and was on its way to tripling its membership. The important aspect to note was that this occurred in a climate of decreasing memberships across all community groups in our area.

As an INFJ leader I had clearly contributed my INFJ strengths in a valuable way to redirect and clarify the direction and running of the club.


There is no one way that an INFJ will lead an organisation, it will depend upon the individual INFJ, the type of organisation and the people involved. Each organisation is different. Each INFJ has specific strengths and capabilities.

However, an INFJ is most likely to have a people-centred approach to leadership.

There is much more to it than that, they may also introduce a systems approach. This is one where they focus on improving the effectiveness of the systems that the group or organisation rely on. INFJs can be successful systems people, it is part of their big picture, intuitive take on the world.

INFJs can have the vision an organisation or company needs. They can imagine a better future and have the vision to lead the people to it. This is what I believe I did.

Planet INFJ: The Book

What can INFJs do to have a career as a leader?

There is no one way for an INFJ to become a leader, there are many routes. Of course, when INFJs are applying for leadership positions and attending job interviews for them, they need to be able to explain their leadership capabilities and strengths in a convincing way to the interview panel. That may be the first hurdle to leap.

However, there are other avenues and "Planet INFJ" provides much guidance for potential INFJ leaders to understand their strengths and how to apply them to leadership careers. We have INFJ leaders in the book for you.

  1. "Planet INFJ" aims to inspire INFJs, the world over, to develop their leadership and career potentials. In chapter eleven, one of the INFJ Insight writers, Geoff, takes you on his journey to becoming a successful and profitable CEO of an internationally renowned, global company, and how the staff shareholders' scheme he introduced became a key driver of the company's success. He also explains that at school he set himself the goal of becoming a leader and that he led his rugby team because he got far greater recognition for his INFJ ideas when he was "the bloke running the show". We need more INFJ leaders to make the world a better place, let "Planet INFJ" inspire you to become one or to enhance your already existing leadership aspirations.
  2. "Planet INFJ" includes my own story and follows my own career path which has included various leadership positions from academia to running my own small business. Under my INFJ leadership, the business has survived the global financial crisis, the downturn following the attack on the twin towers, a recession and a fluctuating economy. Meanwhile businesses all around me have gone under. It is important not to underestimate the leadership potential of INFJs. "Planet INFJ" will help you define them and celebrate them.
  3. INFJs can make visionary, empathic, strategic leaders with people at the centre of their vision. It sounds exactly what the world needs more of right now.


Are you troubled because you want to be an authentic INFJ but find yourself being rebuffed, ridiculed or dismissed? Are you retreating into the safety of your own private world? If so, you risk becoming isolated or lonely and your wonderful INFJ strengths and gifts being wasted. Don't let this happen to you. "Planet INFJ" will help you find the perfect balance between being understood and accepted AND being an authentic INFJ.

Authenticity is the core value of INFJs; come join us on Planet INFJ, where authenticity reigns.