The potential for INFJs to write well has been acknowledged frequently and convincingly. Some of the world's most famous and popular writers are INFJs.

INFJs can have a clarity of thought which they may express in writing.

INFJs may also know how to engage with people and this includes engaging with the people who read their written pieces.

What do INFJs write?

I like to write a free-flow of consciousness in my private journals. They are not for publication but are an aid to self-reflection and self-understanding.

I also like to write self-help books. "Planet INFJ" is my ninth book. I seem to instinctively write. I have a rapid flow of ideas through my pen or keyboard onto the paper or screen in front of me.

Others enjoy writing poetry or imaginative novels, or even historical pieces. There seems no limit to the writing capabilities of some INFJs.


A career as an INFJ writer is different from having it as a hobby. Writing for me is a rewarding form of self-expression and my aim has never been to make it my prime source of income. It has only ever been a secondary income stream.

In order to make writing a career it would be important for INFJs to identify where and how writing can produce a source of revenue for them. Journalism? Website development? Writing brochures? Writing children's stories – there are many paths.

One way that I have earned income from writing has been by providing workshops on clear writing skills for people high up in the middle tier of government. I guided people to write shorter and more logical briefing notes for their Government ministers. Quite a fascinating job for an INFJ! I enjoyed it and it paid well. It was never a full-time career though.

Is writing the only career for an INFJ?

INFJs are blessed with many different skills, writing is usually only one of them. This means that while writing may be a good career for an INFJ there are other career options that may be even better.

What matters for each individual INFJ is not whether they make a career as a writer but whether they find or create a career that brings out the best in them.

INFJs need careers that align not only with their personal values and ethical standards but also with their own unique talents. It also matters that their chosen career gives them meaning and purpose.


The first step in finding a career that brings meaning and purpose is to know that meaning and purpose matter. This is often missed in online descriptions which frequently provide lists of what an INFJ should or should not do but omit the importance of meaning and purpose.

INFJs have an incredible range of career options because they are often capable of finding meaning in their work.

It is vital that an INFJ does not embark on a career that has no meaning. Meaningless work can be soul destroying to many INFJs, even if it is within an eminently regarded profession and with a decent salary.

Planet INFJ: The Book

How can INFJs make the right career choice?

"Planet INFJ" will guide INFJs to consider many different elements when choosing their careers, making the next career move or selecting which promotion to aim for.

We don't have to be stuck with the first career choice we make - many of us move on and refine our careers as we develop and understand more about our own talents and what we need. It is seldom the salary that is the differentiating factor for INFJs.

  1. Would you like to consider an INFJ writing career? If so, you will find that at least four of the INFJ writers in "Planet INFJ" write professionally. Geoff has published several historical novels, I write self-help books, Kelly is an editor, ghost-writer and the author of four books, and Kylie is a health and medical writer and SEO copywriter. We share our stories with you and give you the proof that INFJs can make a career out of writing. Join us!
  2. If you'd like to understand more about the INFJ's writing skills "Planet INFJ" devotes a whole chapter to the topic. If you aspire to make a career from writing, Chapter 15 asks and answers a vital question: "If INFJs are born to write - where do our ideas come from?" I am happy to say I have never suffered from writer's block and this will explain why, so you can avoid it too.
  3. Our imagination can help us create wonderful pieces of fiction, and our clarity can help us to communicate complex ideas clearly. Both are a valuable guide when choosing to write as an INFJ career. By the way, did I mention that the vivid INFJ imagination unfolds as the dragon sleeps? Ah! All will be explained in "Planet INFJ"!


Are you troubled because you want to be an authentic INFJ but find yourself being rebuffed, ridiculed or dismissed? Are you retreating into the safety of your own private world? If so, you risk becoming isolated or lonely and your wonderful INFJ strengths and gifts being wasted. Don't let this happen to you. "Planet INFJ" will help you find the perfect balance between being understood and accepted AND being an authentic INFJ.

Authenticity is the core value of INFJs; come join us on Planet INFJ, where authenticity reigns.