About the author, Rachel Green

A classic INFJ

"I am a classic INFJ but didn't realise it until I was married and already in a career. It was a complete revelation to me especially as I found I am the only iNtuitive in a family of Sensates. My mother, without knowing it, discouraged much of my INFJ character as I grew up.

When I learnt I was an INFJ I was so relieved. It explained much about me I had not previously understood. Since then, I have endeavoured to understand myself more fully and to help other people understand me more easily. I have devoted myself to using my INFJ strengths and honouring my type, despite being different from most of the people I meet and work with. I am now at a point in my life where I would like to use my knowledge to mentor other INFJs.

I also began writing "Planet INFJ" because I have clients who are INFJs and they ask me about my story. Some are relieved to know I am one because they don't feel as though they fit in. I have also become increasingly concerned by the distortions about INFJs presented throughout social media. I read things that are completely wrong about INFJs and I want to correct that."


Rachel has had a diverse people-focused career and is currently the Director of The Emotional Intelligence Institute and the Director of Job Interviews Australia. She gains great career satisfaction from coaching executives and leaders in emotional intelligence and emotionally intelligent communication; and in helping professional people enhance their job interview skills.

She has tertiary level qualifications in psychology, speech pathology, adult education and the Feldenkrais Method. She is also an accredited user of the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) and the Judgment Index (JI), a measure of a person's decision-making capability.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

She became an accredited user of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), approximately 25 years ago, and has studied and taught the 16 MBTI personality types around Australia. She runs MBTI workshops and provides individual MBTI coaching across all professional, business and corporate sectors including the health, mining, resources, environmental and financial sectors, as well as to individuals and couples who simply want to make more sense of their lives. She lives and breathes the MBTI.

In addition, she is an inspiring professional speaker; has twice been nominated for the Telstra Business Woman of the Year award, has been an academic for ten years at Curtin University, and trained radio and television presenters at the ABC.

Rachel delights in nature, growing flowers and watching the football. She is a life-long learner who loves to write. This is her ninth but most important book. In the process of bringing "Planet INFJ" to life she uncovered an even greater depth of understanding about herself and this has opened up a more complete freedom to be her true and authentic self. The ultimate INFJ goal.

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