INFJs crave meeting just ONE other INFJ, and here there are SEVENTEEN in one place. Not only that, these are people living a full and vibrant life - many at the top of their trade, craft or profession.

  1. Rachel Green: "An INFJ: Planet INFJ"- Author & Main contributor.
    ~ Emotional Intelligence coach and job interviews coach. (Australia)
  2. François Bérnarde: "An INFJ: My journey to embracing my individuality."
    ~ Home and Garden Designer / Personal Wellness Coach and Spiritual Counsellor. (USA/France)
  3. Jen Froome: "An INFJ: I'm not an alien, I'm an iNtuitive."
    ~ Counsellor. (Australia)
  4. April Jones: "An INFJ: Why I don't hang on to the emotions I absorb."
    ~ Medical Doctor. (Australia)
  5. Carlos Alvarez: "An INFJ: Why am I a slow learner one moment but smart the next?"
    ~ Entrepreneur, Founder of CoffeesHere.com. (Honduras)
  6. Michelle Shinnick: "An INFJ: I'm flipping between feeling and overthinking."
    ~ Early Childhood Intervention Assistant / Social Worker. (Australia)
  7. David S. Kronenberg: "An INFJ: Fulfilled sexuality, love and romanticism."
    ~ Couples Counsellor and Clinical Sexologist. (Germany)
  8. Geoff Bebb: "An INFJ: A leader from an early age - my career path to reaching the top."
    ~ CEO of global software company. (Australia)
  9. Kylie Saunder: "An INFJ: Yoga, dogs and the beach are some of my hobbies."
    ~ Writer. (Australia)
  10. Matthew Jones: "An INFJ: Do I choose disharmony or become a reluctant leader?"
    ~ Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer in the Banking sector. (Australia)
  11. Amy Warner: "An INFJ: Leave me alone - How do I get the solitude I need?"
    ~ Urban Forest Education Officer. (Australia)
  12. Kelly Exeter: "An INFJ: My unusual path to becoming a writer."
    ~ Writer. (Australia)
  13. Anne Vargonen: "An INFJ: I am a foreigner in someone else’s homeland."
    ~ Sufi teacher. (USA)
  14. Stewart Edwards: "An INFJ: When the tyranny of niceness hijacks communication."
    ~ Forensic scientist. (New Zealand)
  15. Jeremy Rouse: "An INFJ: In the wrong job & stressed by Sensates' concrete language. "
    ~ Former Customer Success Manager. (France)
  16. Andrew Robinson: "An INFJ: I can now explain my ideas logically so they 'get me'. "
    ~ Electrical engineer. (USA)
  17. Tim Midire: "An INFJ: Trapped with Extravert buddies but I didn't go bonkers."
    ~ Underground mining geologist. (Papua New Guinea)


Perspectives of introverts from neighbouring planets...

  1. Henry Thong: "I'm an INTJ and I can't stand idiots". (INTJ)
    ~ Chief Financial Officer. (Australia)
  2. Seb. Della Maddalena: "Why does my iPhone have 13,285 unread emails on it?". (INFP)
    ~ Occupational therapist. (Italian-Australia)

Authenticity is the core value of INFJs; come join us on Planet INFJ, where authenticity reigns.