When I was growing up I did not understand that I was talented as an INFJ. I just thought that I was a problem and was unwanted in the world. Of course, back then I didn't even know I was an INFJ, I just knew I was different.

Now as an adult, I can understand that I have specific talents and unique strengths. I now know that if I use these INFJ talents productively I can help to make the world a happier place.

A primary passion of many INFJs is to improve the world. Our talents can have a strong humanitarian focus and many of us strive to find solutions to everyday human problems.

Humanitarian solutions are an INFJ gift.

INFJs are one of the rarest types on the MBTI personality profile. A key aspect of being an INFJ is our ability to see the big picture. Many other types, including the eight types of Sensates, can get entangled in the details and remain focused on minor aspects.

It is by seeing this big picture that we can look down across the world and find solutions to problems that others may have missed. This is one of our talents. Being able to generate solutions to humanitarian problems is a common INFJ aptitude.

In fact, I am about to go out and buy some coats from our charity shops to give out to the homeless to help keep them warm this winter. I'd rather stop all homelessness though, but I have no answer to that at present. Homelessness in a rich first world country seems immoral to me. How INFJ!


Our sister and brother type, the INTJs, share the same dominant function with us, introverted Intuition (Ni). This drives their personality and ours. We are both big picture problem solvers. However, INTJs solve different problems from ours.

The types of problems that INFJs are most likely to be capable of solving are those concerning people and community.

The INFJ personality type is people centred. We can often look out into the world and see people problems that need fixing. This can be a great gift. Not only because we see the problems but because we may also be able to generate innovative solutions to remove them.

What is our talent for generating unique solutions?

Because we have a unique perspective on the world, through the combination of our introverted Intuition (Ni) and our extraverted Feeling (Fe) we can feed data into our problem-solving capability and pop out unique solutions that others have missed. This is a very important INFJ skill.

Other types can also generate solutions to problems but they don't do it in the same way as we do. Many are more methodical and measured, whereas we produce "ah hah" moments from left field which may astonish people.

We have a difficulty, though, as we may find our talent for creating valid and reliable solutions awkward to explain to others.


The trouble is that because our solutions are generated by our Introverted Intuition (Ni), we may struggle to precisely explain how we arrived at them.

Sensate Thinkers (STs) often expect us to explain how we came to our solutions in a detailed, logical, step-by-step process. As INFJs we don't think in a linear step-by-step process and may find this troublesome.

The result is that our talents can be wasted. Unless we develop the skills to explain ourselves in a way that convinces others of our value, our solutions, analysis and ideas may not be trusted and may go to waste.

Planet INFJ: The Book

How can you explain your INFJ talents and convince others of their value?

"Planet INFJ" will guide INFJs across the globe to understand their talents and explain how they arrive at unique and valuable solutions to problems. It will guide them to help others to trust their solutions so that they are acted upon. Finally, INFJ talents can be realised.

  1. "Planet INFJ" is dedicated to helping INFJs understand their talents and gifts and how to use them in a world of other personality types. For instance, Chapter 7 explains INFJs and how to understand their knowings and insights. When we can increase understanding of how we process the world and how our insights can be trusted, our talents will gain greater recognition.
  2. In our range of INFJ abilities, our sensitivity and capacity in reading other people's emotions is strong. "Planet INFJ" goes into depth on this INFJ trait. Chapter 8, for example, asks "How sensitive is too sensitive or is it a gift?" It explains that our sensitivity can be a significant talent if applied appropriately. INFJs are talented and have gifts from which the world can benefit.
  3. By celebrating and using our INFJ talents we can make the world a better place, and fulfil an INFJ dream.


Are you troubled because you want to be an authentic INFJ but find yourself being rebuffed, ridiculed or dismissed? Are you retreating into the safety of your own private world? If so, you risk becoming isolated or lonely and your wonderful INFJ strengths and gifts being wasted. Don't let this happen to you. "Planet INFJ" will help you find the perfect balance between being understood and accepted AND being an authentic INFJ.

Authenticity is the core value of INFJs; come join us on Planet INFJ, where authenticity reigns.